Invitation to the 1st official SIPS conference on April 2-4

U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor het eerste officiële SIPS congres op 2-4 april
The first official conference of the international Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIPS) is being organised in the spring of 2017 by Professor Andrea Evers from Leiden University. The aim of this conference is to bring the importance of the placebo effect and its clinical implications to the attention of scientists, health care providers and other interested parties. At this conference, thirty leading scientists in this field will share with you the most recent findings on placebo research.
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Leiden and the Pilgrim Fathers

Leiden is known as the City of Refugees. Throughout history Leiden has given shelter to people who were no longer welcome elsewhere. In the 17th century the population of Leiden grew from just over 20.000 to 70.000 souls in a short amount of time. Even in the 20th century no less than three out of four Leiden inhabitants descended from a refugee. The Pilgrims too found a (temporary) safe harbour in Leiden.
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