Every year Leiden Convention Bureau (LCB) participates in a number of events within the MICE industry, such as IMEX Frankfurt, IBTM World or a M&I Forum. But what does such an event entail? What does it look like? What kind of people come to these events, and what kind of conversations take place? Chris Jaeger, LCB Jr. Marketing and Events Coordinator, joins the vloggershype and gladly takes you with her on these journeys! Are you also at one of these events? Come say hi, and get a supporting role in the vlog!

M&I Forum - Vlog Leiden Convention Bureau 2018 

Chris' first vlog at M&I Forum in Dubrovnik, June 2018. During one week, LCB gets the oppertunity to meet 400 Event Professionals (Buyers). 50 meetings are pre-scheduled based on preference and profile. However, more meetings are facilitated through networking activities and beautiful dinners to form new and strengthen existing business relationships. Furthermore, Dubrovnik has the opportunity to position itself as a MICE city to 400 Buyers; a perfect opportunity to show off all the possibilities, ensuring a spectacular week filled with surprise!