13 until 16 July

EuroScience Open Forum

The tenth edition of the EuroScience Open Forum, also known as ESOF22, will take place in Leiden from 13 to 16 July 2022. With its long history as a university city, Leiden is the perfect place for curious minds to exchange knowledge. The theme of ESOF22 is 'Crossing Borders, Engaged Science, Resilient Societies'. Various scientific topics will be addressed, including sustainability, culture, space travel, health and freedom.

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The EuroScience Open Forum is organised by EuroScience.
EuroScience is the European Association for Promoting Science and Technology for the Benefit of Society. EuroScience has individual and corporate members from more than 75 countries. Its members are researchers and experts of all scientific disciplines from universities, companies, NGOs, and governments. EuroScience's mission is to engage the scientific community and strengthen its accountability. 

Terrain: Science, Humanities, Social sciences
Location: Leiden


  • Daily starting from july 13th, 2022 until july 16th, 2022