16 and 17 June

5th Biennial CRG Conference on African History

The roundtable discussions at the fifth edition of the CRG Conference on African History will include the promotion of African history in Europe, wars in Africa, and African environmental history.

Who knows

This conference will be organised by AEGIS and the Africa Studies Centre.
AEGIS is a research network of European study centres that aims to create a link between experts and institutions. Its primary goal is to improve understanding of contemporary African societies.
The Afrika-Studiecentrum Leiden is the only multidisciplinary institute in the Netherlands that focuses on the study of Africa. As part of Leiden University, the Afrika-Studiecentrum has one of the largest Africa collections in Europe.

Terrain: African history
Location: Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK Leiden


  • Daily starting from june 16th, 2022 until june 17th, 2022