Sorry, this event is not available anymore
until 26 June

The Leids Grachtenconcert

The Leids Grachtenconcert is part of De Lakenfeesten. The Leids Grachtenconcert is on Sunday evening June 26, from 19.30. This is a 2.5 hour concert, completely free!

And another great Leiden line-up is waiting for you!

How about Edison winner Mart Hoogkamer (that will be singing along), Leiden alumna Shirma Rouse (that will be swinging along), Ray Benjamin, singer and saxophonist Lo van Gorp and a few surprise guests. All this is skilfully and with humor presented by Thomas van Luyn.

This concert would of course never take place without our own Leiden conductor in key suit Guido Marchena with the wonderful and Leiden and the country's oldest student orchestra and choir SG Semper Crescendo. This year again supported by the BitterBalls Big Band and Musical company Otis.