19 until 21 May

LERU Rectors Assembly


Rapenburg 70
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LERU's anniversary conference will focus on 'the distinctive role of academic institutions in fostering resilient and sustainable societies'. During this conference, Europe's leading research universities will exchange ideas with representatives from governments and business, with lectures from Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Education) and Maria Leptin (ERC President). 

Who knows

This conference will be organised by LERU.  
The League of European Research Universities, or LERU, is a group of 23 leading European research universities. LERU presents the role and importance of scientific research at a national level. In addition, LERU focuses on the exchange of expertise and cooperation between its members.  

Terrain: Academia, Sustainability, Society
Location: Leiden University, Rapenburg 70, 2311 EZ Leiden 


  • Daily starting from may 19th, 2022 until may 21st, 2022