Saturday 15 October

FaNtAsY with ADHD

During 'FaNtAsY with ADHD', a number of students will be given the opportunity to present their graduation thesis or project on the subject of ADHD in a creative manner. The day also coincides with the theme 'Fantasy' of 365 days of curiosity of Leiden2022. 

Who knows

This conference will be organised by Impuls & Woortblind and ADHD Europe. 
Impuls & Woortblind is an interest group for people with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, or discalculation. It supports them by providing information, promoting contact between members, and advocacy.
ADHD Europe is a European organisation which exists to defend the rights and dignity of people with ADHD and their families. ADHD Europe contributes to research, policy and legislation, and practical initiatives.

Terrain: ADHD
Location: Leiden


  • Saturday the 15th of october 2022