Leiden has the most interesting garden of the Netherlands: Keukenhof, Bollenstreek with its flower-growing fields, and the beaches are all located within a radius of 20 kilometres.

In the region

Everything that makes the Netherlands so famous can be found the Leiden region. The flower fields, sandy beaches and dunes stretching as far as the eye can see, picturesque village centres and cheese farms, the Keukenhof, windmills, sailing and traversing the Kagerplassen lakes and the city of Leiden with its historical city centre and many museums.


The beach is located to the west of Leiden at a mere 10 kilometres, 15 minutes by car or bus and 30 minutes by bike. Katwijk and Noordwijk provide a 17.5-kilometre stretch of sandy beach, where everyone can find their spot. There are gorgeous biking and hiking routes through the dunes.



In the north Leiden borders the Bollenstreek. In spring the splendours of the Keukenhof and the tulip fields in bloom can be enjoyed in the vicinity of Lisse and Hillegom. Each year at the end of April, the Bollenstreek Flower Parade draws thousands of visitors from across the world. A lovely boat ride over the canals of Leiden can take you to the Kagerplassen lakes near Warmond, the Braassemer lake or the Bollenstreek.

Groene Hart

To the east of Leiden, you will find the lush green meadows, forests and villages of the Groene Hart (Green Heart) of the Netherlands. Here you can find windmills, dykes and Dutch cows. Due to its varied and predominantly rural nature, this area serves as a natural counterpart for the urban areas surrounding it. Agriculture, nature and recreation are the primary functions of the Groene Hart. Residents and visitors seek it out for its peace and quiet, the wide-open spaces and gorgeous nature. There are lovely hiking and biking paths. There is a special route which will take you along the road the Geuzen (Calvinist Dutch rebels) took in 1574 to evict the Spanish troops and liberate the city of Leiden.


Other cities

The metropolises of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are quickly and easily accessible. By car, you can take the A4 or A44 motorways. Both cities are also quickly and easily accessible by train.