On this page you can find useful resources for promoting Leiden as a congress destination. We are happy to help if required.


Organising conferences:

  • Welcome to Leiden flyer: English only
    An introduction to Leiden, European City of Science 2022. Contains Top 11 reasons to choose Leiden and spotlights unique venues in the city.
  • Conference brochure: English version / Dutch version
    An extensive overview of everything there is to know about Leiden as a conference destination. Includes information about the city, venues, accommodation and other services.
  • The Leiden Continuum: English video / Dutch video
    A brief video explaining the DNA of Leiden; city of Science and Culture, in which coincidence does not exist.
  • Alice The Movie 2.0: English video
    The official trailer for Leiden European City of Science 2022, which introduces the themes of curiosity, connection, and sharing knowledge. 


Organising conferences during COVID-19:
It seems very difficult to meet for business nowadays. The good news is, it is certainly not impossible! 

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