Leiden-based public figures from the knowledge sector and business life are stepping up for Leiden


International conferences are essentially ‘the showcase’ for outstanding performances within a certain discipline. By bringing conferences to Leiden, international spotlights are on the high standards of the knowledge sector in our city. The contribution of Leiden’s public figures from the knowledge sector and business life - the ambassadors for Leiden - is an essential link in building the image of ‘Leiden City of Science’. When, after founding this partnership, the first steps were taken in asking Leiden leaders to become ambassadors, the interest in joining this network turned out to be above expectations.  The confidence in Leiden as an international conference city is incredibly high. All the ambassadors are ready and eager to put the knowledge which can be found in Leiden on display to the world. 

The ambassadors of the conference network are very important for ‘Leiden City of Science’. Our ambassadors play a key role towards scientific associations. As Leiden Convention Bureau we want to give Leiden a more prominent place as an extraordinary conference city. Our goal is to continually expand and enhance the reputation of our knowledge city and knowledge institutes. To achieve that, Leiden needs the contribution of its ambassadors.