Caterers in Leiden and the surrounding area are used to work in flexible and challenging environments: locations in the open air, locations without a kitchen, on land or on water or in a large church. Whether it is a large dinner, a meal during meetings, snacks at an event or a buffet at a conference or reception, they come up with special themes for different target groups. They know their options and often provide not only food and drink, but also the decoration and the ministry.


Leiden offers visitors an attractive and varied choice of hotels in a wide price range, form 1 to 4 stars. From small and charming boutique hotels to large (inter)national hotel chains with luxury meeting facilities. Many accomodations are to be found inside this ring and are within walking distance to the railway station. Hotels just outside of the rind cnal are easily reached by car and often run fast shuttle services to the city centre. Some hotels are located in historic buildings and offer a high degree of personal service. Some are modern and have spectaculare views over the city or all the way to the sea. All Leiden hotels offer (free) WiFi. 

Pre-financing and Guarantee Fund 

Organising a congress brings many considerations up front. Before any reigstration fees come in, costs are incurred, for example when a foundation must be set up and down payments must be made for accommodation, brochures or a website. In addition, the actual number of participants may fall short of expectations. The Pre-financing and Guarantee Fund (VGF) was set up to help organisers deal with these issues. 


 The Pre-Financing and Guarantee Fund offers:

  •  An interest and cost-free loan of up to 90.000 euros to cover startup costs.
  •  A guarantee of up to 90.000 euros to cover possible losses due to low attendance. 
  •  The possibility of taking advantages of these services separately or in combination. 






Leiden offers extraordinary venues for congresses and business events in all shapes and sizes: form luxury hotel meeting facilities to beautiful rooms in ons of the Leiden museums and form two Gothic churches, The Netherlands' oldest theatre and the impressive Stadsgehoorzaal to a giant human body or a Leiden University location. In Leiden, congresses for up to 2,500 attendees are posible. Because of Leiden's 13 museums, no other city in The Netherlands offers the same potential for blending culture with your congress or meeting. Most venues are at walking distance from Leiden CS railway station or close to the A44 motorway.