From the water’s perspective, the historical city looks completely different!

Leiden by water

In a city with plenty of canals and moats, with rivers which lead to the lakes or beach, a boat ride should really be high on your list. From the water you have a perfect view of the facades of the historical city and the waterfront homes and houseboats provide that unique glimpse of the Dutch life. Second to Amsterdam, Leiden has the most water streaming through its sluice gates. The historic city centre of Leiden has a stunning total of 28 kilometres of canals and moats. The 88 occasionally quite extraordinary bridges can be viewed perfectly from the water.

A tourist boat provides a gorgeous view of the city and its environment. On request, it includes a guide who will tell all about the historical city centre while the boat traverses every highlight of Leiden. There is a wide variety of optional packages with lunches, informal drinks and dinners on board. In closed and open boats, including the option of a warm blanket for the chillier days.

An adventurous and active option is offered in renting your own transport over water, also excellent for team-building. The possibilities are endless: from stand-up paddling across the canals, navigating the waters in an electric sloop, old-fashioned rowing, canoeing or kayaking, to sailing across the Kagerplassen.