Leiden's annual themes 2019 and 2020

Leiden Marketing has introduced theme years to promote Leiden, the city of Discoveries.

The strategy is driven by Leiden Marketing in response to key challenges in promoting Leiden as an important national destination. These thematic years are:

  • A long-term ambition to grow a stronger and more defined brand for tourism in Leiden
  • The opportunity to focus investment and innovation in tourism
  • The need to drive an increase in visitor volume and value to Leiden each year

Our aim by 2020, is that Leiden becomes well-known for being an outstanding adventure, culture, heritage and knowledge destination; and that these messages link-up to create a much more defined and compelling destination proposition for Leiden.

Gone are the days that holidays merely evolved around the chose accommodation and destination. The last few years there has been a growing interest in thematic holidays. Experience has often become superior to location and accommodation. A unique experience is desired. By emphasizing the annual themes in both tourism and conference/events industry and by cooperating with other Dutch cities associated in the specific theme, business and leisure visits will more likely circulate around Holland (and thus ease the tourism burden of our capital city).