444 years of Leiden University: let’s celebrate together!

Leiden University turned 444 this year. A special birthday that calls for a special celebration, and what could be more special than celebrating this milestone with the residents of Leiden and The Hague? We hope you’ll join us!

In the town hall, in the classroom, in cafés and at festivals; with a quiz, a cycle tour and a podcast: these are just some of the unexpected times, places and ways in which the residents of and visitors to Leiden and The Hague will be able to become better acquainted with Leiden University during its 444 celebrations in 2019. Each month various activities will be held in Leiden and The Hague.

‘We are coming to you’
Carel Stolker, Rector Magnificus of the University: ‘The doors of the University are often wide open as it is, but we know that it is generally the same people who come through them. Not everyone knows who we are, what we do or how to find us. So we are turning the tables with these 444 celebrations, and instead of expecting you to come to us, we are coming to you: to your classroom, neighbourhood or street. The celebrations are all about forging connections: with the residents of and visitors to Leiden and The Hague. After all, the University is there to serve society.’

Join in the celebrations!
There will be 444 activities throughout the year in Leiden and The Hague. You can submit ideas for Neighbourhood University, our students will be researching issues that the cities are facing, you can discover nature during the Out and About! Days and for the more athletic among you, why not try our cycle route between Leiden and The Hague?

See the website for the full list of 444 activities.

Present to the city
Leiden University was a present to the city from William of Orange in 1575 because, legend has it, the city had put up such courageous resistance to the Spanish. Now, 444 years later, it is time for another present to the city: a party, not just for Leiden, but for The Hague too because Leiden University has a presence in both cities.

Forging connections
The motto of the celebrations is the connections between Leiden University and the cities of Leiden and The Hague: between residents and organisations in the two cities and the staff, students and alumni of the University. If we share knowledge, it grows. And if we get to know each other better, working together becomes easier.

See the website for more information on the 444 celebrations.