House of Lords

Dobbeweg 2254 AG VOORSCHOTEN
tel 070 205 5355

House of Lords ‘Travelling restaurant’, that is how to best describe House of Lords. You do not have to travel to them, they will come to you!

House of Lords organises customised and exclusive on-site catering. Catering at a high-level quality combined with discretion and integrity. House of Lords distinguishes itself in quality, service, cuisine and commitment of its employees.

They offer a wide range of culinary possibilities for different occasions. Would you like to organize an exclusive sit-down dinner or would you prefer to taste different small dishes during a walking dinner? They would be delighted to help you decide which culinary interpretation suits you best!

House of Lords is always prepared to go the extra mile and even organize a contemporary international street food to create a casual atmosphere for your guests. They look forward to inform you about their falafel bar, ramen noodle bar, the House of Lords food truck, their signature poke bowls and much more!

They understand that every event is unique and with their experience they aim to organize a culinary event of high quality that exceeds your expectations.

Are you organizing an event with a specific theme? Let them know, nothing is too absurd!

Besides organizing exclusive catering, sustainability is top priority at House of Lords. They are aware that their activities have consequences for the community and the environment. That is why they integrate corporate social responsibility as a working method. Please visit the website for further explanation on how sustainability is integrated in their daily activities.