2022 - International Conference Ocular Oncology


The international congress of the International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) will come to Leiden in 2022. The congress will bring together around 350 international scientists in Leiden to exchange their research experiences.

The International Society of Ocular Oncology focuses on improving and promoting ocular oncology. ISOO does this, among other things, by encouraging research and organizing international scientific conferences. Prof. dr. Martine Jager will be the president of the scientific association for the next two years.

For the past decades, Leiden has been the centre for the diagnosis and treatment of eye melanoma in the Netherlands. The Leiden Univeristy Medical Centre is at the forefront when it comes to scientific research in this field. Research is being done into improving current researchmethods and treatments. 

Leiden is known for the strong link between the clinic and the laboratory, especially in the field of immunology. This 'translational' research brings  new knowledge about diseases and patients and leads to new treatments, including eye melanoma. For example, the Department of Ophthalmology of the LUMC showed that eye melanomas and skin melanomas are inherently different in the immunological department. An important insight, which is now being explored further on a European level.

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