ASTPProton - Technology Licensing 2019


In this popular course, our expert trainers lead participants on the journey from discovery to commercialisation of a technology.

Technology licensing can result in success for all involved parties with a win-win situation being the goal. There are a great number of questions, however, which must be answered before a successful agreement is executed.

This specific Technology Licensing course extends over 3-days and looks at what you can expect at each stage from: finding a potential licensee; deal strategy; preparing for due diligence; negotiation strategy; up to post-signature license management.

The training is intensive, but the blended learning makes it accessible for practitioners with up to 2 years’ experience in a KTO. The mix of trainers and their distinctive styles, delivered in short session, makes learning more stimulating.  In conjunction with case studies, break-out and feedback sessions as well as panel discussions, the training has been designed to accommodate all learning styles.

As trainers and participants from all, the concurrently-run, courses are together for three days in the same venue, there is plenty of opportunity to grab a coffee during the break and catch up with any of the experts. This is also a great opportunity to meet up with your fellow training course attendees and expand your professional network.

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