Byease is fully committed to digital conferences

11 February 2021

Byease, the professional conference organiser of the Leiden Congress Bureau, offers a state-of-the-art platform for online conferences. The agency has invested in the latest technology over the past year

From our partner, Byease

“We can now call ourselves a specialist in the field of online conferences,” explains MaritWormgoor, manager of Byease.

Initially, the office was busy moving the planned conferences from March 2020. “At the time, everyone thought that we could get back to work in May,” says Wormgoor, “but we were soon overtaken by reality”. Congresses that the bureau had initially postponed for a few months then moved forward a year. Ultimately, this turned out not to be feasible because of the measures.

At first, the clients were somewhat wary of digital alternatives. After all, in addition to knowledge transfer, the meeting is an important aspect of conferences. When it turned out that the pandemic was not yet under control and as people became more familiar with programs such as Zoom and Teams, the demand for a good online conference platform with more options than the aforementioned programs increased. The agency has therefore invested in the purchase of a complete online platform and training courses for its employees.

Byease expects that after the corona era, digital conferences will continue to coexist with physical gatherings. Experience has now shown that digital conferences attract more participants than physical meetings. It is often easier for many participants to join online; you do not have to be away from home for days and it can be combined well with regular work. There are no travel and accommodation costs and it also has a positive impact on the environment.

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