Leiden popular amongst smaller and larger conferences

16 July 2019

In the early years, the ambassador network of Leiden Convention Bureau attracted mainly small and medium-sized conferences to Leiden. Now that the network is working at full power, we see that the larger conferences also know how to find Leiden.

If there was ever any doubt that Leiden could handle larger conferences, it has now been eliminated:

  • Biodiversity Next in October 2019 with 500 to 600 participants
  • European Week of Astronomy & Space Science in 2020 with approx. 1200 participants
  • International Society for Industrial Ecology in 2021 with 500 – 700 participants
  • European Social Science History Conference in 2020 with approx. 1750 participants
  • The International Conference of Egytologists in 2023 with approx. 1400 participants

These large conferences have all chosen Leiden. In the meantime, a bid was also sent for the conferences of the World Muscle Society in 2022 with approx. 800 participants. The outcome is still to come.

Leiden is also playing an increasingly more important rol for nationale conferences. The Dutch Medicine Days, with 500 partcipants, will take place in Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden in September 2019. Participants are charmed by the facilities and compact size of the city and love making a return visit. So is Netspar, the International Pension Workshop, returning to Leiden for the fourth time in 2020, while it was previously always held in Amsterdam. The official Sips Conference on Placebo Studies by Andrea Evers will take place in Leiden for the second time.

Leiden is the perfect place where conferences with a significant impact, both small and large, feel at home.

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