Boerhaave Nascholing

Postbus 9600 V0-P 2300 RC LEIDEN
tel 071 526 8511

Boerhaave Congres Service has organised conferences and symposiums in the Netherlands and abroad for over 20 years, from medical conferences to biomedical symposiums, including on request poster sessions, interactive educational methods or a sponsor market. Every year they organise over 200 accredited medical training courses and conferences for about 12,000 participants, with numbers varying from 100 to 1,000 attendees.

The organisation is the conference branch of Boerhaave Nascholing, the refresher training centre at the LUMC. Boerhaave Congres Service assists in weighing considerations for using the right educational methods to achieve an optimal presentation of the conference’s themes to the participants. For the practical components of a conference, they have access to a skills labs and a dissecting room. In the field of transferring knowledge, Boerhaave Congres Service achieves periodic innovation in online refresher training courses, tests and webinars.

Conference organisation and assistance can consist of: organisational preparation, educational consulting, accreditation, financial handling, attendee administration, speakers and abstracts, sponsors, assistance at the location, publicity, internet facilities, after-care and other services such as transport or gifts.

Boerhaave Congres Service has highly trained project leaders with ample experience and specific expertise in the field of organisation, planning and finances of medical conferences. They initiate and advise, negotiate and assist. They have excellent oral and verbal communication skills in both Dutch and English and have extensive knowledge of medical target groups.