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Organizing a conference?

Organizing a conference can take up a lot of your time. There are so many aspects to consider that it can become overwhelming. It starts with finding the right venue, booking several rooms at different hotels and then keeping up with the unavoidable never-ending changes. A stressful job, it might literally keep you up at night. Efficient Hotel Partner is happy to relieve you of your stress and take control of all this. We will find and book the venue, negotiate the best prices and take care of the entire reservation process.

For conferences, we have developed our own tool “Book a Room Linq”. Through an integrated link in your conference website delegates can be directed to our hotel booking website which is especially setup for your conference. In an instance, they can see where the hotels are located relative to the conference venue and for which price they can book the room. We’ve had the pleasure of providing these services for NMWF and CIO City. Everyone can enjoy the conference and a comfortable night’s stay. That includes you! More information?

Not only conference organizers can benefit from Book a Room Linq, but also personal assistants, secretaries and event planners that are tasked with organizing a large meeting. After all, all delegates have different standards and wishes, which is exactly why it would be easier to outsource this process. Even when you only need one hotel where all the delegates need to stay. See here an exmaple of Book a Room Linq.

Watch this video for more information and visit the website!