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LIMSC 13th Edition - Leiden International (Bio)Medical Student Conference


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The 13th edition of the Leiden International (Bio)Medical Student Conference will take place at the Leiden University Medical Centre from the 15th to the 19th of March.

The largest biennial student conference in the world is the Leiden International (Bio)Medical Student Conference (LIMSC). Students studying medicine, biomedicine, pharmacy, clinical technology, and other life sciences have the chance to present their work at LIMSC, take part in cutting-edge workshops, learn from eminent guest speakers, and connect with other international students and researchers. Additionally, there is no requirement for participants to present their own research in order to participate in the entire science and social program.

In order to tackle global scientific and health challenges together, LIMSC seeks to support the expansion of the global research community. By allowing students to practice presenting their research to peers, receive feedback and ideas for improvement, and join the global research community, LIMSC gives students the chance to step into the research world.

Visit their website for more information on fees and payments.