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until 26 March

Small winter exhibition: sidewalk plant under the microscope

The recumbent rock wall, Sagina procumbens, one of the smallest sidewalk plants in the Hortus, will be featured in ten microscopic images from 1 November 2022 to 26 March 2023. a very small plant with flowers that measure only a few millimeters in diamete

The lying fat wall is a tread plant, which prefers to grow in the spaces between paving stones. This group of plants is resistant to foot traffic and even car tires. This is partially attributable to the plant's ability to grow "safely" in the sidewalk's joints. But the plant's shape is also intended for walking. You can see that some of this plant's parts have a harmonica-like structure in the microscopy photographs taken by artist and microscopist Rob van Es. You can try to press them, but everything just bounces right back.