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NINO 3rd Annual Conference - The kingdom of Kizzuwatna


Academiegebouw Leiden
Rapenburg 73
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The Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) at Leiden University is pleased to host a conference on The kingdom of Kizzuwatna: Recent developments in research, in March 2023.

Around the turn of 14th c. BCE the Hittite kingdom incorporated the neighbor kingdom of Kizzuwatna, centered in the region of Cilicia in south-eastern Anatolia. This event had a remarkable impact on the Hittite culture, manifest in the adoption of the local gods and the importation of textual lore, particularly rituals and cults. Presumably connected with these phenomena is also the introduction of the Hurrian language in central Anatolia. The history of Cilicia in the second millennium BCE, and of the local kingdom of Kizzuwatna, are thus topics of much interest in research on Hittite Anatolia. Yet, the local political history, and its socio-linguistic and cultural layout, remain quite obscure.

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