Welcome to the City of Discoveries!

We are delighted to invite you to our beautiful city Leiden. As you may know Leiden has a rich history. It has the oldest university of the Netherlands and many scientific discoveries were made here. Also Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous painter of the Golden Age, was born and has been studying and working here.

In view of this we believe that this is an inspiring environment to meet, share our knowledge and working experiences and discover new possibilities in European tissue banking. During this congress all the key topics in the broad field of tissue banking such as corneal cell cultures, skin tissue engineering, bone processing techniques and decellularized heart valves will feature with the focus on connecting scientific research to clinical applicability.

Many discoveries and innovations were made by visionaries. As CEO of ETB-BISLIFE I realise how valuable it is to share a vision and ask ourselves: “Where are we heading to? How do we deal with the fast-moving world around us? What is our future?” Seen in this light we have come up with the actual theme for the coming congress: “Tissue Banking and Technology “, what is the impact of new technologies in Tissue Banking?

 This year the EATCB congress will start on Wednesday with a satellite TRIP Symposium.

Be welcome to visit this satellite symposium and for the people who are visiting the TRIP Satellite Symposium be welcome at our EATCB congress as well.

Please come, see, experience and discover and last but not least enjoy!

Kind regards,
Piet Jan Kruit
Local Host/Organising committee EATB 2019

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Afbeelding bij agenda item 28TH CONGRESS OF EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF TISSUE AND CELL BANKS - 2019 van 16 oktober 2019