ECA Summer School on Argumentation 2019

Lipsius, Cleveringaplaats 1, 2311 BD Leiden

Prior to the ECA 2019 conference, the 2nd ECA Summer School will take place at Leiden University, from 20 to 22 June 2019.

The summer school is organized by the European network for Argumentation and Public PoLicY analysis (APPLY; CA 17132), ECA 2019 and the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. Its program is entirely devoted to argumentation theory and will introduce PhD students to cutting-edge research in argumentation theory from different theoretical angles. We have four lecturers coming from different backgrounds:

  • Catarina Dutilh Novaes - VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands (philosophy)
  • Dale Hample - University of Maryland, USA (rhetorical communication)
  • Henrike Jansen - Leiden University, the Netherlands (pragma-dialectics)
  • Steve Oswald - University of Fribourg, Switzerland (cognitive pragmatics)

Thursday and Friday (20 and 21 June) will be dedicated to expository lectures. On Saturday morning (22 June) an assignment will be prepared in groups and discussed afterwards with the lecturers. Relevant reading material will be sent to participants at least 3 weeks before the summer school begins. All classes, seminars, and materials will be in English; active participation is required. Students can get a certificate on the condition of full attendance and active participation in the whole program.

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