Interactive Conference Ideas to Engage Your Audience

13 oktober 2016

Conference attendees have much higher expectations in this modern era of content on demand.

The future is bleak for conferences that still rely on monotone lectures and contextual PowerPoint slides to fuel their presentations.

Attendees who pay big bucks for a conference do so for the experience. This means they want access to things they can’t read or achieve on their own. In the end it is all about interactivity, and here are some great ideas you can implement into your conference to insure you are meeting your guest’s expectations.


Crowd Polling

If you’ve felt compelled to click on a website poll then you already recognize the fun in comparing your opinion to those of others. Integrating real-time polls into your conference content is easier than ever thanks to new technology. You can even find phone applications available that will save you from renting dedicated polling equipment.

Table Teams

Develop a connection between attendees by turning your table assignments into teams. Kick your event off by having each team create a unique name and sign for their table. From there you can implement activities like team projects, group discussions, and problem-solving scenarios.

Scavenger Hunts

This is a great activity for any event that features an exhibit hall. Send your guests on a race to match vendors with the clues you provide. Not only is it fun for the attendees, but your vendors will appreciate the additional engagement opportunity.

For more tips, check this website.


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