Leiden wins 'Place Brand of the Year' Award with Leiden, European City of Science year

| Leiden Convention Bureau

London, November 9, 2023 – The year 2022, in which Leiden was the 'European City of Science,' has earned the city a prestigious honor with the international 'Place Brand of the Year' Award. This recognition was announced today at the City Nation Place Global 2023 congress in London.

Leiden, European City of Science

Leiden&Partners, on behalf of all partners of Leiden, European City of Science, submitted the year comprehensively to the twelve-member jury of City Nation Place in the 'Place Brand of the Year' category. This category represents destinations that successfully position a place with an engaged, effective, and strategic approach. "The jury was impressed with Leiden's submission," said Clare Dewhirst, founder and director of City Nation Place. "The city not only demonstrates significant support among partners this year but has also managed to create a clear framework for short- and long-term goals to position Leiden as a city of science. It's the integrated strategy, including the impact of the year on the environment, residents, the business market, and visitors that makes Leiden the winner."

Beautiful Recognition

"The award is a lovely confirmation of what we have worked on together," said Martijn Bulthuis, director of Leiden&Partners. And this is just the beginning. It has laid the foundation for what we want to build on together. Along with the partners in the city, we are capitalizing on the 'legacy' of this year with initiatives like the Life Sciences and Health (LSH) week, Days of Art & Science, Vraag ’t Leiden, and Kennis door de Wijken. I am incredibly proud of the city and all the knowledge partners who dared to embark on this journey with us," added Bulthuis.

The jury

The jury was quoted as saying “An impressive story of how a city chose to live its brand having successfully leveraged its established reputation as a city where science and art meet to win a major international science event and the title of European City of Science for the year. The jury was impressed by the ambition and creativity of the program of activities delivered and the strong focus on delivering for their citizens as much as on building international reputation for visitors and investors. There is also a clear sense of legacy – an intention to continue to build this brand as a city of discovery.”

The award was received in London by Mincke Pijpers and Corine van der Ceelen (Leiden&Partners) and Lucien Geelhoed (intendant Leiden2022).

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