Leiden, where the summation of liberated thought, science and cultural exploration has lead to the surge and success of icons.

The Story of Leiden

Situated at a historically important junction, where waterways and roads cross, lies a city that will enchant you: the city of Leiden, famous for its university, museums, waterways, and alms-houses. The spirit of the Golden Age lives on in this medieval city where Rembrandt was born, and which has inspired countless amounts of other influential painters. Ever since, Leiden continued to attract those that were on a quest for knowledge and freedom of expression, from the Pilgrims to Albert Einstein, the historic canals, the beautiful buildings, and alleyways have surrounded those who have made important discoveries for centuries.


European City of Science 2022

Leiden was the European City of Science in 2022. Throughout the year, there was something to do in the city in 365-day long programme for anyone with a curious mind. The year was organized together with numerous national and international partners to connect science and society. Anyone was able to participate, from leading international scientists to curious kids — as well as artists, companies, students, community centres and museums.

Leiden as European City of Science 2022
Openingsfoto Leiden European City of Science 2022, met Annetje Ottow, Auke-Florian Hiemstra en burgemeester Lenferink.

Leiden Continuum

Leiden, City of Science, where the summation of liberated thought, science and cultural exploration has led to the surge and success of icons. From Rembrandt van Rijn to Armin van Buuren, from Pilgrim Fathers to T.rex and from tulip to Bio Science Park. You are most likely already familiar with Leiden's pearls. But were you aware of the fact that it is not a coincidence that all this happened in Leiden? You will find out why by digging deeper into the DNA of our city.

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  • Leiden Continuum ENG

Get to know Leiden

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