Leiden Convention Bureau provides expert help in your quest to find the best conference location. We provide independent advice free of charge about for example, conference locations, hotel accommodations, and Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs). We have ideas and suggestions for social programmes that will leave a lasting impression. In addition, we can organise site-visits and help you in assembling and designing your bid book. In some cases, the municipality offers a welcome reception for your conference attendees. We provide promotional materials about Leiden and we have a database with beautiful images of the city which you can use, both of which will help you to motivate decision-makers to choose Leiden and put together the most attractive conference information. 

Conference Brochure

“Leiden, conferences and business events,” is the brochure you do not want to miss out on when organising conferences, symposias, meetings, fairs or events in Leiden. Beautiful photos, information on locations, and facts and figures will help you make that perfect choice for your event.

Conference Brochure

What We Can Do For You

Welcome Packages

Leiden Convention Bureau and Leiden2022 have joined forces as 'Leiden Convention City' to develop and enhance all the possibilities the city has to offer as a conference destination. Leiden Convention City has developed Leiden Welcome Packages: a variety of packages all filled with amazing, locally sourced items to welcome your conference delegates to Leiden, or to thank your key-note speaker or VIP guest. We have made a menu in which you can find all information concerning these packages. 

Welcome Packages

Partner information

We work together with the partners in Leiden and the neighbouring municipalities to offer a great variety of options for your event. We have partnerships with venues, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, PCO's, transport companies, and more.

Financial Support

In the preparatory stages of the conference, the organiser has to deal with various aspects that must be paid for. As the registration fees will not be received until later, the organisers may not always be able to fund these initial expenses. The pre-financing scheme of the VGF can help to pay these costs. The Pre-Financing & Guarantee Fund (VGF) has been put into place to eliminate financial worries for conference organisers. 

Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund VGF
  • Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund VGF


Social & Cultural Programmes

Are you looking for a social or cultural programme for your conference or business event? Do you want to surprise your participants with a unique experience? There are various options that will inspire your conference participants, and experience first-hand why Leiden is the City of Discoveries! The cultural programme is brought to you in cooperation with Cultuurfonds Leiden, contact us for more information.

Inspiratiedag Fietstocht Leiden Marketing

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