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Leiden is 4th biggest conference destination in the Netherlands for 2021

Leiden Convention Bureau is very proud of this accomplishment. Manager Corine van der Ceelen: “We have worked very hard for this result, and we are very pleased that we have gone up one rank. This gives Leiden an extra boost as a conference destination, next to our prestigious title of European City of Science 2022. We could not have done this without the efforts of our network of conference ambassadors.”

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Leiden Convention Bureau provides expert help in your quest to find the best conference location. We provide independent advice free of charge about conference locations, hotel accommodations, and Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs). 

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City of Science 2022

Leiden, City of Discoveries, where the summation of liberated thought, science and cultural exploration has lead to the surge and success of icons. From Rembrandt van Rijn to Armin van Buuren, from Pilgrim Fathers to T-rex and from tulip to Bio Science Park. You are most likely already familiar with Leiden's peals. But were you aware of the fact that it is not a coincidence? You will find out how by digging deeper into the DNA of our city.

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