An increasing number of event and meeting locations are becoming sustainable, including in Leiden. Find out why Leiden is a sustainable conference destination

Climate Capacity Programme

The Climate Capacity Programme is an initiative by the Dutch Bureau for Tourism and Congresses (NBTC) and the Travel Foundation. Leiden&Partners has joined this initiative, which has set as its main goal to ensure that destinations are made sustainable on an individual level. The initiative combines both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to come to a tailor-made solution for each destination. The focus is put on increasing organisational decisiveness and professionalisation in making both leisure and business travel more sustainable. 

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Achteraanzicht Hooglandse Kerk


Leiden is an incredibly accessible city. Most of the city's museums, venues and sights are only a ten minute walk away from the city centre. The city is easily traversed by bicycle, which you can rent from a number of locations.

Venues which are located farther away can easily be accessed by a single bus ride of a few minutes. In the spirit of sustainability, all of Leiden's buses operate on electricity, which means that you can travel without worrying about enlarging your carbon footprint. 

Sustainability of Leiden's venues

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