Our ambassadors

Leiden is proud to be a true City of Science and knowledge - its reputation reaches far beyond the national borders. At the same time, the global competition regarding performance claims has not passed by the domain of knowledge and skills either. Being seen and heard as a world player is important. In 2014 the Leiden Ambassador Network was established, which rapidly became a great succes, boasting over 120 ambassadors in 2020. The congress ambassadors are mostly from Leiden or connected to the city and are known for their special achievements, deeds or insights, They are keen to advertise the city's strengts and affirm the identity of Leiden as a City of Science. The ambassodors invite international conferences in their respective fields or networks to Leiden. And they do this with much passion, judging by the impressive results of their efforts.

Are you an ambassador?

For the ambassadors to Leiden as a conference destination, the Leiden Convention Bureau would like to provide you with several useful documents. These documents contain information on the possibilities of organising conferences in Leiden for your (future) conference, which allows for the ambassador to gather all the information needed in the run-up to the actual conference.

Click here to find out more about these useful documents.

Do you want to become an ambassador?

You can become an ambassador of Leiden and help us in bringing special conferences and events to our city. Our ambassadors programme is open to Leiden-based scientists, entrepreneurs and well-known public figures who operate within important national and/or international framework. We invite you to contribute to promoting Leiden's reputation as City of Science.

Are you interested in becoming a conference ambassador of Leiden? Or would you like more information? Please contact us at info@leidenconventionbureau.nl.