Our Ambassadors

International conferences can be regarded as "the epitome" of excellence in a given field. By bringing conferences to Leiden, the international spotlight is focused on the high level of the knowledge sector in our city. The input of Leiden public figures from the knowledge sector and the business community - the ambassadors of Leiden - is an essential link in building the image of 'Leiden City of Science'. The interest in this was higher than we anticipated when we set up our ambassador network. The first Leiden front runners ended up turning into ambassadors, eager to share the knowledge that Leiden has to offer with the rest of the world.

Do you want to become an ambassador?

You can become an ambassador of Leiden and help us in bringing special conferences and events to our city. Our ambassadors programme is open to Leiden-based scientists, entrepreneurs and well-known public figures who operate within important national and/or international framework. We invite you to contribute to promoting Leiden's reputation as City of Science.

Are you interested in becoming a conference ambassador of Leiden? Or would you like more information? Please contact our colleague Jimin. She maintains the contact with our ambassadors and ensures that our ambassadors can represent Leiden well.

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