Leiden researcher Alexander Kros is leading innovative research on brain cancer

| Leiden Convention Bureau

Professor Alexander Kros, a professor of Supramolecular Chemistry specializing in drug delivery, is one of the leading experts in an innovative research project on glioblastoma, a fatal form of brain cancer with few effective treatments. The project, funded with 10.6 million euros by Cat4Cancenter, aims to investigate approaches and treatments for glioblastoma, which is characterized by resistance to new treatment methods. Researchers from Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam collaborate on this project with the Netherlands Cancer Institute and the Oncode Institute. With a grant of 3.59 million euros for Leiden University, the project spans six years and provides employment for 13 PhD candidates and 8 postdoctoral researchers across three institutions.

Professor Kros explains, "In the Cat4CanCenter, we are developing entirely new and groundbreaking approaches to transport catalysts to the tumor. We aim to leverage existing biological routes in the human body." This innovative approach offers hope for a breakthrough in glioblastoma treatment, with potentially far-reaching implications for medical science and the local community in Leiden.