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Green Initiatives

This year, we took a significant step by acquiring 10 brand-new Mercedes EQE vehicles and an EQV. To power these vehicles, we have installed a total of 6 charging stations and a fast-charging station, supported by 272 solar panels. This not only reduces our ecological footprint but also contributes to a cleaner environment for everyone.

Heading Towards the Future

At Brouwer Company, we look confidently toward the future. In the coming years, the renewal of our fleet is a central focus, and we are prepared for the challenges it entails. We are anticipating changing municipal regulations that restrict the use of gasoline and diesel engines in urban areas. We strongly believe in hydrogen technology as the future of our buses. Electric tour buses may not be feasible at the moment due to the limited charging infrastructure. However, we remain optimistic and continue to explore ways to provide environmentally friendly and efficient transportation solutions to our valued customers. Together, we are building a more sustainable future!

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