If you are curious about what it is like to work for a small, international team in the vibrant Leiden region, then why not consider applying for an internship at Leiden convention Bureau?

Interns are an integral part of our team, and we hire interns regularly throughout the year, many of whom complete an internship with us as part of their study programme. We usually ask for a minimum of 32 hours a week for 4 months, and have 3 approximate starting dates: January/February, May/June, and September/October. Learn more about the experience of being an intern at Leiden Convention Bureau, and our current vacancies, on this page.

Internship Tasks

Our interns assist us in a wide range of different tasks. There are usually at least 2 Leiden Convention Bureau interns at any one time, which gives you the opportunity to work with one another, and focus on different areas of our work. Regular tasks include assisting with social media planning (from drafting posts for our LinkedIn, and Twitter pages, to scheduling and posting the final results), communications (such as creating and distributing our newsletter), website management, writing articles for our website, and organising events.

Our Interns' Experiences

A Day in the Life

Would you like to know more about what a typical day in the life of a Leiden Convention Bureau intern could be? Take a look below for a glimpse into our interns' schedules! 

9:00 - your work day begins. Start by checking emails, and reply to any that need answering.

9:30 - team meeting (a chance to hear what others in the team are working on, and to receive feedback on your own work).

10:00 -  social media planning (researching, scheduling, and posting content on LCB's, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages).

12:30 - lunch break.

13:00 - website maintenance (updating web pages, adding new events, writing informative articles for the website).

15:00 - assist with event organisation (contacting venues, planning the itinerary, etc).

17:30 - day ends.