27 June until 1 July

In the Spirit of Lyot


Scheltema Leiden
Marktsteeg 1
2312 CS Leiden
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The study of exoplanets has become one of the most active fields in astronomy in the last 25 years. Finding exoplanets is done with different observation techniques. In the Spirit of Lyot' focuses on these methods, including new developments and current research. 

Who knows

This conference will be organised by the scientific organising committee of 'In the Spirit of Lyot'.
This scientific organising committee consists of researchers and professors from observatories and universities all over the world, including Leiden, Paris, Tokyo, and San Diego.

Terrain: Exoplanets, Astronomy
Location: Scheltema Leiden       


  • Daily starting from june 27th, 2022 until july 1st, 2022