Sorry, this event is not available anymore
until 14 June

45th Veerstichting Symposium

At the beginning of the summer, in June, the Veerstichting organizes the large two-day Symposium that takes place in Leiden.

The field of participants consists of 250 students from all Dutch universities and colleges on the one hand, and 250 so-called designers from, for example, business, science, the arts and culture sector, politics, the sports world, etc. The symposium offers a platform where young, ambitious students can come into contact with these shapers of society who already make a substantial contribution to social life, and vice versa. Due to the high level of both speakers and participants, this meeting is a source of energy and inspiration, which often results in innovative insights for everyone.

Student registrations are closed.


  • €500.00
  • Ticket price is for designers, registrations for students are closed.
  • Payment options: Online