Collaboration with service providers

Leiden Convention Bureau will gladly put you into contact with Professional Congress Organisers who are experienced in organising successful conferences and events in Leiden. We would also like to introduce you to reliable partners for transport, whether by bus to and from Schiphol International Airport or by boat travelling the canals.

Advice on conference locations, hotel accommodations and social programmes
When you provide us with information about the content, details and personal preferences regarding your conference or event, we can advise you on the conference location, the social programme options or the hotel accommodations.

We will assess the capacity of the location, its accessibility and contact details on your behalf. Then you can make a selection from the available range of options and make appointments for site visits to the locations of your choice.



Leiden is the oldest and most famous university city in the Netherlands. Similar to Cambridge and Oxford, there is an immediate association with a beautiful historical cultural city with iconic university buildings and knowledge institutes. As part of Leiden Marketing, Leiden Convention Bureau takes the lead in profiling the internationally acclaimed knowledge city of Leiden for conferences.

Independent advice, free of charge

Leiden Convention Bureau provides concrete help in your quest to find the best conference location. We provide independent advice free of charge about conference locations, hotel accommodations and Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs), and we have ideas and suggestions for social programmes that will leave a lasting impression. In addition we can accompany you on visits to several locations and help you in assembling and designing your bid book. In some cases the municipality offers a welcome reception for your conference attendees, we would love to provide you with more information about this. Promotional materials on Leiden and the use of our image database will help you to motivate decision-makers to choose Leiden and to put together the most attractive conference information.

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