Organizing COVID-proof meetings

It seems very difficult to meet for business nowadays. The good news is, it is certainly not impossible! Are you curious about what Leiden has to offer? We are ready to help you see how we can have your meeting take place in Leiden in a safe manner, within the current health and safety regulations. On this page, you will find information about organizing COVID-proof conferences and business meetings.

Protocol for business meetings

The protocol for business meetings  has been developed and established by the Event platform. This contains the information to organize business events and meetings safely and within the guidelines. The starting points for the protocol are the applicable recommendations and measures adopted by RIVM.

The Possibilities in Leiden

The conference brochure by the Leiden Convention Bureau contains all information and possibilities regarding the organization of conferences and business events in Leiden. The conference brochure includes a table with the capacity for meetings of rooms, buffets, surfaces, etc. per venue. During COVID-19 these numbers are of course adjusted to meet the requirements from the national government. In the table below you will find all COVID-proof numbers for meetings, per venue.

Leiden is European City of Science in 2022

With the title European City of Science, Leiden as an international knowledge city has joined a select group of EU cities that are leaders in the field of Science, Culture, Innovation, and Green Capitals. In addition to the scientific offer, the program also offers an interactive public program of exactly 365 days with the motto "Every day a bit wiser".

More information about the European City of Science program can be found on