Mayor Henri Lenferink on Leiden as a conference city:

“The international reputation Leiden enjoys as a city of knowledge is one of monumental renown and a long history. Leiden, City of Discoveries, has been home to many Nobel Prize laureates. New discoveries are still made in our city every day: at the university, in the Leids Universitair Medisch Center (LUMC) and at the Bio Science Park. The park has developed into one of the biggest biomedical science clusters in the Netherlands, and one of the strongest biomedical science clusters in the world.

In addition to exceptional knowledge, Leiden also boasts many attractive features as a city: the city is rich in cultural heritage, a vast wealth of history in art and science, and a beautiful, vibrant city centre where almost everything is within walking distance.

Leiden has been home and workplace to such internationally renowned painters as Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Steen. Rembrandt was even born and raised here; this is the city where he was educated. Visitors who wander the well-preserved city centre with its canals and maze of streets, alleys, courtyard communities and 3,000 listed buildings almost feel like they are in one of Rembrandt’s paintings.

Leiden has earned the well-deserved right to call itself a museum city. With Naturalis, the National Museum of Antiquities, Museum of Ethnology, Museum De Lakenhal, the SieboldHuis Japan museum, the Pilgrim Museum, Museum Boerhaave, the Hortus Botanicus gardens and CORPUS, ‘journey through the human body’, Leiden boasts the highest concentration of museums in our country. Partly because of the museums, but also due to its wide selection of podium arts, literary arts, film and cultural heritage, Leiden is the fourth cultural city in the Netherlands.

The city’s excellent accessibility at a mere 15-minute train ride from Schiphol International Airport, the close proximity of the beach, other iconic Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague in the immediate vicinity: all these things also make Leiden a highly attractive destination from a tourist point of view. The wide selection of hotels and conference facilities has expanded substantially in both quantity and quality over the past years, making Leiden a serious contender in this field compared to other attractive conference cities. Leiden provides sufficient facilities to organise conferences for over 1500 people without a hitch.

These developments have changed the options the city has to offer significantly: Leiden is the perfect venue for organising leading international conferences.

In recent years, we have already offered a warm welcome to many conference attendees. We hope that we will convince you to pay a visit to Leiden, City of Discoveries. The gates to our city are wide open!”

Henri Lenferink, Mayor of Leiden