Hooglandse Kerk

Nieuwstraat 20 2312 KC LEIDEN
tel 071 514 9636

In the historical city centre of Leiden you can find the Hooglandse Kerk, surrounded by town houses and courtyard communities. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive churches in Leiden. The church was used as a wooden chapel in 1315, but was soon replaced by a stone edifice. In the late 14th century, construction started on a Gothic cruciform church at the same location, which would take the span of more than 150 years and would never be completed according to plan. Huge Gothic windows allow plenty of light into the enormous space and evoke the atmosphere of a painting from the Middle Ages. The Hooglandse Kerk is still consecrated as a church. Church services are held there every Sunday.

In addition the Hooglandse Kerk can also be rented for events. The warm embrace of the huge room will transform a concert, a conference or an intimate dinner into a memorable event. The total floor space of this listed building consists of approximately 2800 m2 and can seat 1000 people in a theatre seating. By lowering a number of large screens, it is possible to divide the church into two large, separate rooms. Dividing up the space creates the option to have parallel sessions in the church.

The apse of the church, which can be separated from the church by lowering the screens, provides space for about 500 people. This room can easily be heated and has magnificent acoustics. The rest of the church (transepts and chancel) can also be heated. On the chancel side of the church, you can find a number of well-equipped rooms, known as Het Hooglandse Huys. The three meeting rooms in this part of the church have a capacity of 45 to 65 people and can be put to excellent use as a secondary space. The Hooglandse Kerk has all possible modern facilities at its disposal.

The Hooglandse Kerk is situated at an approximate 10-minute walk from Leiden Central Station. The Burcht, the oldest and most central location of Leiden, is located just a stone’s throw away.

There are options to park at Garenmarkt or in the nearby car park on Breestraat. The Haarlemmerstraat car park on Hooigracht is also within easy walking distance.