Museum De Lakenhal

Oude Singel 28 2312 RA LEIDEN
tel 071 516 5360

After the festive reopening of Museum De Lakenhal, the collections are available for viewing in the restored galleries!

Museum De Lakenhal is the visual arts, history and crafts museum of the city of Leiden. The city’s illustrious past is highlighted in seven collection presentations, including The Cradle of the Golden Age, Leiden University City, The Siege and Relief of Leiden, and Seven Centuries of ‘Leids Laken’.

The internationally-renowned collection contains numerous highlights such as Lucas van Leyden’s ‘Last Judgment’ (1526-27), beautifully-stained glass, and paintings by Rembrandt and contemporaries. Since 1874 the museum is located in a monumental 17th-century hall for woollen fabrics, carefully restored in 2017-2019 and expanded with modern architecture. The unique encounters between past and present that occur here make Museum De Lakenhal a source of inspiration for all!

The renewed museum is the perfect location for your reception or event. We highlight the past, present and future in a very special way. The Achterplaats, the Auditorium, the Atelier and the Voorplaats offer a range of possibilities for organizing special events, including symposia, lectures, receptions and (walking) dinners. Private receptions can take place both during and after regular opening hours of the museum. For further information, please contact the Sales & Events department via

Our professional museum guides can give exclusive guided tours. Guided tours or introductions on exhibitions by the director and / or curators are also possible, yet only in consultation. For further information, please contact our Public relations department via

The museum is less than a 10-minute walk from Leiden Central Station. The closest parking garage is the Lammermarkt parking garage. Alternatively, the Morspoort parking garage or the Dirk parking garage are both 5 to 10 minutes' walk away.