Theater Ins Blau

Haagweg 6 2311 AA LEIDEN
tel 071 514 4614

Theater Ins Blau is a flat-floor theatre in which the front-row audience sits at the same level as the stage. The theatre borders the old technical school on Haagweg and was built in 2012. It provides theatre space to professional and amateur performing groups. The hall seats 200 people. What is special about the theatre hall is that the comfortable designer chairs have been designed by Herman Hertzberger. The theatre hall of Theater Ins Blau is available for rent for shows, presentations and events.

In addition to the theatre hall, Theater Ins Blau also has three studios and a foyer including a bar. The sound and lighting comply with the requirements of professional theatres. The combination of studios and theatre hall is perfect for small conferences and seminars, in which the theatre hall is suited for the plenary session and the studios can be used for workshops and presentations.

The layout of the rooms provide many options and Theater Ins Blau works together with local event organisations and rental companies to comply with all the preferences for room decor and furniture. The theatre also works in close collaboration with catering companies in Leiden that can provide any package, from dinner or lunch to fancy drinks and snacks.

Theater Ins Blau has two studios of 75 m2, suitable for a maximum of 20 people. The third studio is 50 m2, for a maximum of 15 people. The rooms can be arranged in any way you like and are equipped with a simple sound system.

In 2016, the foyer of Theater Ins Blau will be extended by 110 m2. In addition, Ins Blau wants to increase the visibility and sustainability of the theatre. They aim to achieve completely CO2-neutral business operations in 2017, the first theatre in the Netherlands to do so, and possibly even in Europe. Theatre lights will be replaced with LED lighting and there will be a cold and heat storage system for climate control. On the side of the adjacent railroad tracks and the Haagweg car park, a big screen will display what is happening inside.

Theater Ins Blau is situated by the Haagweg car park, at the edge of the historical city centre, within walking distance of it.


Tv & internet

  • Projection screen
  • Beamer
  • Sound system


  • Disabled access

Location and parking

  • On/near to natural water
  • In the centre
  • Parking next to accommodation
  • In/near urban area
  • In/near museum district
  • Near through-route
  • Paid parking