Corona press conference October 13, 2020; consequences for conferences

15 October 2020

The Dutch government decided on Wednesday 13 October that stricter measures are needed to ensure that the number of COVID-19 infections decreases. The measures of the "partial lockdown" will apply from October 14 at 10:00 PM. In the weeks to 27 October, the cabinet will assess what is needed for the period thereafter. What do the new measures mean for the congresses?

The following is stated in the new measures:

  • Events are prohibited, with the exception of, among others, conferences.
  • In indoor areas where people are seated, a maximum number of 30 people applies.
  • The cabinet's urgent advice is also to wear a face mask in public indoor spaces.
  • Publicly accessible food and beverage outlets will be closed. According to the new "roadmap", for locations with a combined function, this means that the parts of the location with a catering function must also be closed.

Update 15-10-2020: An exception applies to conference centers not accessible to the public.

Source: Rijksoverheid and Genootschap voor Eventmanagers

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