Eduroam connection rolled out in conference locations

30 June 2021

Eduroam has received funding from the Leiden Stimuleringsfonds (Leiden Economic Investment Fund) to roll out their WiFi-connection service throughout the city.

Eduroam is the major international Wifi-connection service for the academic and education community, used by universities all across the world. Authorised people, such as researchers and students, can automatically connect to an eduroam point for a secure and stable connection, no matter where they are in the world. Some cities in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe already provide a city-wide eduroam connection. This digital infrastructure transforms the city to an entire university campus: students and researchers can work and study everywhere they like. The purpose of the eduroam project in Leiden is to boost the availability of this eduroam network in places such as conference venues, meeting venues or other places where academics, researchers, students and other visitors come together.

The major reason the Leiden Economic Investment Fund has rewarded funding to this project is the coming Leiden European City of Science year 2022. Leiden wants to be able to offer all future conference visitors with the stable connection most of them will know from their home research institute. The entire city will be the podium in this year, so the timing is perfect for rolling out this project throughout the most important venues and locations.

See below for an interview with Martijn Bulthuis, director Leiden Marketing, about the project and its goals (only in Dutch).





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