Open up to diversity with the brand new Eurovisionsing-a-long team building activities from Verita’s Visit Holland

8 February 2021

For centuries Leiden has welcomed talent from all over the world. This makes the city the prime example for this year's Eurovision Song Festival theme, "Open Up".

From our partner, Verita's Visit

See the city and its surroundings through other people's eyes and discover your own singing talent in a once-a-long bike ride or city challen due to diversity and inclusion. More information about this team building tour or event?

(Re) discover Leiden and its surroundings during a relaxed Eurovisionsing-a-long bike ride or a cheerful city game. Focus on both team building activities is on diversity and inclusion. If you are looking for the singing, dancing and / or performance talent of your team, you will find Leiden's many international talents, past and present. Sing along to Eurovision songs, swing along with Leiden songs or Dutch hits and enjoy world-famous, typically Dutch icons and landscapes. Do you know how to convince the other teams of your talent? Then your team wins "douzepoints".
Leiden knows how to deal with an ever-changing society and to attract and utilize talent. So dive into the world of art and creativity and get inspired. How does the city deal with newcomers, with change? And can you apply this in your own team or organization?

Thematic snacks and drinks, a smartlappen or clog dance workshop can be booked.

All activities are tailor-made, also with a view to Covid measures.
Starting price € 37.50 per person for a group of 12 people.
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