Safe meetings at Brasserie Group

9 February 2021

There will come a moment when we can meet again in a group outside the door and then the Brasserie Groep is ready for you!

From our partner, Brasserie Groep

During the lockdown, we worked hard to optimize the four locations in Leiden (Brasserie de Poort), Leiderdorp (Brasserie Park and Brasserie Meelfabriek Zijlstroom) and Valkenburg (Brasserie Buitenhuis) for the 1.5 meter society. Extra square meters, good ventilation and new furniture ensure that you can organize beautiful - and also safe - events after the opening. In the new Orangerie at Brasserie Park, for example. This light, spacious and well-ventilated greenhouse offers a view of a large, green park and is attractively furnished with rattan, rugs and hanging plants. If that doesn't turn into an inspiring session!

The Brasserie Group has over 20 years of experience in organizing parties. A meeting, away day, presentation or complete company party, together with you they make every meeting a success. The Brasserie Groep is also buzzing with ideas for using the beautiful surroundings of the brasseries before, during or after your meeting. Think of a yoga class at the ValkenburgseMeer, a city walk through the Singelpark in beautiful Leiden, a creative workshop in the Houtkamppark or a pleasant boat trip with snacks and drinks across the Zijl to the Kagerplassen.

The reservations department is happy to think along with you and is also available during the current closure to inform you about all the possibilities. Or take a look at and get in the mood for your next event.

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