Vierdaags Cannabinoïden symposium 2018 kiest voor Leiden

Leiden chosen as venue for four-day Cannabinoid symposium 2018

10 November 2016

‘The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS)’ has chosen Leiden as the venue for its 28e symposium, to be held from 30 June to 4 July 2018. The conference agreement was signed in Leiden’s Stadsgehoorzaal on Friday 8 July by Professor Celia Hillard, Executive Director of ICRS. The symposium is the opportunity for some 300 scientists from Europe and North America to exchange research experiences with one another.

Success through collaboration
‘Leiden’s convenient location and the city’s exceptional conference venues made Leiden an attractive candidate for the conference,’ Professor Celia Hillard explained. ‘We have every confidence that this, our 28th symposium, will be a great success.’ The decision by ICRS to stage this conference in Leiden  is thanks to the efforts of Mario van der Stelt from Leiden University, and also to the close cooperation between the Leiden Convention Bureau and various of Leiden’s conference providers.

The symposium will be held in Leiden’s impressive Stadsgehoorzaal that, with its intimate atmosphere, emanates an international allure. The conference guests, who will be visiting Leiden from all parts of the world, will also have the memorable experience of a gala dinner in the historic setting of Leiden’s imposing Pieterskerk.


About the symposium
The ICRS focuses primarily on understanding how cannabinoids and the body’s own ‘marijuana’ work. The endocannabinoid system in the brain has been shown to be implicated in physiological processes such as pain sensation, appetite, blood pressure and movement. There are even stronger indications that this system also plays a key role in regulating particular brain functions, such as memory, attention and impulsiveness.

The Faculty of Science in Leiden is the location of important multidisciplinary research on the role of natural marijuana. Mario van der Stelt, a chemist at Leiden University, was awarded an ECHO-STIP subsidy for excellent researchers by NWO in 2013 for his research in this field. He and his colleagues Jocelijn Meijerink and Renger Witkamp from Wageningen University were instrumental in bringing this symposium to Leiden.


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