VR-Department Leiden receives incentive subsidy from Entrepreneurs Fund Leiden

9 February 2021

Imagine: 10 o'clock in the morning you step into a living room with a beautiful view. Where the recent photos of your family hang on the walls, a game is ready and you dive into the ocean together, visit Leiden, Paris, or a museum, catch a concert or chat on the terrace. You are at home, your parent in the nursing home.

During the first lockdown at the start of 2020, Desiree Rosier picked up her VR glasses, which she would use to help visitors of the Art & Music events at Fijn! To introduce Leiden to painting in virtual reality, and go looking. To opportunities for the elderly and their children to meet each other. And to opportunities for employers to bring employees together.

In mid-December 2020, together with Wim Verveen, Gabriele Romagnol and Izabela Derda, she delivered a proposal to bring Leiden businesses elderly people into VR. At the end of December, they received a subsidy from the Leiden Stimulation Fund.

The ability to connect people, places and things in ways never seen before allows immersive solutions such as VR to bridge physical distances and empower people to connect in new ways. VR is only rivaled by reality itself, but it resolves reality's limitations related to cost, time or mobility limitations. And think of events, countless events, which took place in VR worldwide in 2020. Without trave, without travel costs, without CO2 emissions.

VR and AR are more than traditional video games, they provide us with opportunities to connect and be present with each other in new ways, to overcome distance and physical barriers.

With the LeidsVirtuorium as its home base, the team is already helping Leiden BioScience Park companies in VR.
Curious about what VR can mean for your company? Call: +31 (0) 6 183 90 923

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